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dynaudio bm15 ("dimlight")

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by synergy, May 23, 2001.

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  1. synergy

    synergy Guest

    hello dimlight!

    hope you're finding your way in here from time to time, because unfortunatly they shut down stephen paul's forum (as far as i can see, much ado 'bout nothing, and not the way grown-up men should behave, but anyway...)

    your question was if you can drive a pair of dynaudio bm15 with an ordinary hifi-surround-receiver.

    ok, first thing i've to say that i'm not familiar with most of the professional monitors, but i know all dynaudio hifiloudspeakers quite well, and the chassis are the same (or very similar).

    i took a look at the bm-15 and it's basically just a 2-way monitor with a relative large woofer, and so just from paper i see no problems-at least if you don't want to kick it until the woofer is going to pop-out and you drive the amp into clipping (you DEFINITLY will hear this!)

    don't get irritated by specs-99% of all loudspeakers can be driven by 99% of all amps, and the worst thing that will happen is it won't sound, either because they're less powerfull or the combination doesn't fit unless-see above!

    so this is the next point-quality of sound.
    like the motto of this forum "yeah, but how does it SOUND...?"

    this depends on matching of the components.
    from my experiences with dyn. hifi-gear i can they it sounds rather layed-back and soft compared to other speakers, so to get a satisfying result, the amp must'nt sound soft either, otherwise sound would be dull and blurrish (hope these are the right words in english-i'm german!)

    so in this light i wouldn't go for a harman kardon, but for a yamaha or any other amp which is balanced more on the "analytical" side.

    hope i could help at least a bit, but there's no real sure way to find out the right combination for you without HEARING the combination(s) of gear with the music you make (and like).

    p.s.: from your post it seems your budget is rather tight, but if you want to to max out the sound of these speakers in stereo, try a used krell kav-300i which sounds very good and also kicks ass big time(very powerfull)-i would guess that you could get one for $1000-1500 (see the private announcements in the hifi-press).

  2. dimlight

    dimlight Guest

    Tnx for the info, However, I bought the Harman, and it sounds great, (a little bit of "punch" & "detailed in the high end" are missing) but eventually I'll use the Preamp outs to feed brystons (when I get the money to buy them)
    Anyways, thank you very much. :D
  3. Audioboy

    Audioboy Guest

    It's very easy to underpower the BM-15's yet it's very hard to overdrive them. The 9" woofer has a 4" voice coil. The woofer and tweeter are cliamed to handle 1000 watts RMS. I've put Mono block Brystons 7b's, Boulders, and big Haflers on them. They continually get better sounding with better amps...IMHO best bang for the buck in Mid-Near fields anywhere...
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