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dynaudio monitor question

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by keph, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. keph

    keph Guest

    I am going to upgrade my monitors and am looking at the usually brands; Mackie, Adam, Genelecs and Dynaudio.

    Very curious in the Dynaudios, do any here have any experience with them? I am looking at either the BM6 or 15 series and then the active verse passive versions.

    I would like the BM15 but the active versions are $1500 more than the passives. Has anyone compared the actives verses the passives with Hafler or similar amp? Same question on the BM6?

    In general I trust that the Dynaudio engineers are best suited to match an amp to their monitors and would think the actives are the best choice. However, I was wondering if any knows how great a difference if the passives where matched with a quality amp.

    The cost between a set of BM15 actives and passives with a Hafler P4000 is about $900. The difference on the BM6s is much less, in the $300 range.

    I hope to be able to be able to AB them myself, but the only place that has the series brands I want to check out is a couple hours away and I am not sure whether they will let me test several amp setups.
  2. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    I have the Dynaudio BM15a and love them. I think they are better than the mackies or genelecs in
    this range of nearfields.
    A lot of people i know would prefer the ADAM P11


  3. Jonesey

    Jonesey Active Member

    Mar 25, 2003
    Western Pennsylvania
    I have the BM6a and they work great. I believe the BM15's are considered a nearfield/midfield speaker, so it depends on how large your control room is and what your trying to accomplish. I find the BM6a's work for me. My control room isn't that large, but if you need something with a little more power, the BM15's may be the way to go.
  4. hbjhbj

    hbjhbj Guest

    I have the ADAM S3As and they are stunning. Every day I'm shocked at what I can now hear.
  5. robchittum

    robchittum Guest

    I own the BM6a's and I absolutely love them. My mixes translate on everything, and it didn't take me long to learn them. I didn't have the opportunity to compare them to others because I don't live anywhere near a place that sells them. I did something I typically don't do on a piece of gear this expensive and went solely on the recommendations of those on this site. I know lots of folks that use the Mackies and love them, but I just read too many negatives from people whose opinions matter to me on this site. I would love to hear the 15's, but I don't see how they could be any better. Good luck. Also, PM me if you want to know where I found the best price. I found a pretty wide range of prices out there.

  6. Tenson

    Tenson Active Member

    Dec 17, 2003
    Home Page:
    I seem to remeber someone saying they liked the passive BM15's much more than the actives. I think they had a Hafler amp.

    What you have to remeber is that just because a group of designers know everything about building great speakers doesn't mean they know jack about good amp design.

    I am not saying which I like because I have not heard either! Just pasing along what I have heard.

    I know a lot of people who love the BM6a's. Personally I would try and get an active pair over passive.

    Maybe you could take a listen to some PMC stuff like the TB2s?

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