E-MU 0404 Operation Problems

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by SmokeyBoi, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Hello all.

    I am unsure if this is in the correct forum. If it is I am sorry.

    I have just bought an E-MU 0404 card and installed it on my computer. There seem to be a few problems however which (I am guessing) are software related.

    Firstly, the EMU card has deleted the drivers for my old (integrated) sound card on my mother board. What I want is to have the inputs for recording etc. in through the E-MU card, but still have the playback (outputs) to my speakers from the old card. Is there a way i can do this? I am thinking maybe I have to reinstall the old drivers? I do not know the name of the old card (or the motherboard that it is on) so if i need this, is there an easy way of finding out?

    Also when i have my setup plugged in (guitar>preamp>E-MU card), on the software mixer there is a definate input as the bars move up to indicate signal when i play. This also plays back. I cannot however, in any program, record this. I have looked on the support site after a few hours of fiddling around with it with no success. The site says to "go to control panel, into audio options, and click on volume under the recording dropdown box in which the E-Mu card is selected." I have done this but I get an error when I click the volume button. It says that there are problems with my hardware and to install a mixer etc then go to insta,ll hardware etc etc.

    Can anybody find a solution for this? I have updated the drivers for it to the latest version and still i have the same problems.

    Thanks all!
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    You might try posting your question here:

    There are more people that are likely to have encountered the same problem.

    Hope this helps :(

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