E-mu 1820, MAYA1010, or the like

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    I use a Behringer Eurodesk MX2442A board that I plug all of the mics for recording drums into. Right now it runs it's tape out (2-track) into a shitty Radioshack converter that makes it 1/8" and I plug that into the line in on my comoputer's video card.

    I would like to be able to have seperate tracks and post-mix. I've heard nothing but good about both the E-MU 1820 and the MAYA1010, but which is better and why? Do you know of any other same kinds of things? If I was to get one of these breakout boxes/PCI cards and plug the inserts from each channel into the box and use it as so.

    The other question is whether or not the E-MU having it's own processors is that much of a plus. My computer is not top of the line but it isn't the worst thing ever either. Are the processors worth it?

    And finally, I was also eventually going to upgrade and get a Behringer ADA8000 mic preamp/digital rack so I could have more seperate tracks in for live recording situations. The MAYA1010 does not have a digital (optical) in. Is there any other way to get that besides the E-MU?

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    I could have bought any audio interface but I choose to own and use the E-MU EmulatorX Studio package. (1820M). I think it offers the best signal routing flexabilty, best quaility and best value as a package of any audio interface currently being made. It's not perfect, but then none of them are.
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