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  1. This is Ground Control to Major Seb... Is anybody listening?

    I wanted to ask about the deep switch on your VMP-2000e.. I have been using it quite a bit lately just jamming with my band, pluggin the bass into the Di input and taking the unbalanced output into my stereo, it gives me a great full sound for quiet jamming without having to fire up the beast (my bass amp, an Acoustic head with a big 4 x 12) which only sounds comparably good at high decibels....

    What is actually going on with this? Is it a simple EQ curve, tuned in all the right places, or is it more complicated than that? Can you reveal these kind of secrets without it appearing in next years major products? I have seen a few units around recently with 'Air' switches.. I know you have been doing 'Air' for quite a few years, were you influenced by earlier products, or is this another case of the best ideas coming up from the underground, only to be ripped off by the big companies?
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    Dec 22, 2002
    It's a little RC network located between the first two triode gain stages.
    It's the result of years of tweeking , taking the preamps to various recording sessions and evaluating the effect of the switch.Looking for so-called sweet spots in the audio spectrum.
    The lower register has to be a good enough foundation to stand on.... otherwise your whole mix can fall in a heap.
    The subtle valve compression heaps this to happen. :D

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