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    This will certainly be an easy question. We are going to buy a Soundcraft Ghost 24 which we will be using with Sonar 4. We will also be buying a Motu 24i/o. But having never worked on an analog desk before now, how do the ins and out work? If I have for example 8 drum tracks in mono, they would go through any of the inputs (1-8 for example). But what do we do with stereo tracks? We may want to use a nice Rhodes with a stereo spread. Does that need to be routed to two inputs on the desk? If so, how do you do this? This would be the same question if we decided to use an existing drum loop (in stereo). I am really just wanting to understand the basics Once we get the desk and work through the manual, I am sure it will be clear.

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    Stereo instruments will require 2 separate channels, panned hard left and right of course.

    How do you do it? Take the left output and send it to say channel 1's input. Then take the right output and send it to ummm, channel 2's input. Pan channel 1 hard left and channel 2 hard right.

    It's as simple as that.

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