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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by GnzlO, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Hello mates, i'm here just to ask you a silly question, but, first i have to tell you that i'm kind of new into home recording, i allready have four songs captures on tracks, but i was trying to export the tracks so i could listen to them on my ipod and think about the mix, but, when i tell cubase sx2 to make an audio mix down, none of the options of audio format (.wav .mp3 .wma) seems to give me the right quality of audio.

    i recently read that the proyect bit should be at 32 bit floating (read it on a Steinberg mix dvd tutorial), is this right? does anybody know why this lost of fidelity happen? i appreciate any help on this, thank you very much...

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    Some mixing before you bounce down just to balance everything and get the level up may be necessary before creating a mix down. Most players don't give you enough volume control for a raw mix like this as they are designed with hard limited commercial material and law suits of hearing loss in mind.

    Internal processing will be 32 bit with just about all modern DAW software. Your sound card likely has 24 bit resolution, which is fine. Export to WAV 24 or 32 bit because the mix is raw you will need that extra resolution. (WAV is not compressed and supported by just about everything)
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