Echo Darla with sonar?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by glensamuel, Mar 20, 2004.

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    I have a chance to pick up an echo darla on the cheap, I'm assuming it will be a leap ahead of the sb live I'm using, The computer is 2.6 gh with 512 ram, I'm wondering what sort of latency I might expect?
    I checked the Echo sight and it seems that only a beta version of xp drivers are available, has any one tried these? How do they work with sonar 3 (wdm kernal streaming)or is it a waste of time to even install? Any feedback appreciated,
    thanks, glen
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    You should'nt have any problems w/ the beta version. They've always worked as far as I know. I had one 20 bit gina & two 20 bit layla's that worked very well w/ the beta's.
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    thaks for the advice, sir, on that I think I'll move on it,
  4. I am very impressed with the Echo soundcards. I used a 20 bit Gina for years and always got great results out of it.
    They sound very warm, with smooth highs (depending on your preamp, mic, etc... of course)
    Make sure you run the levels hot, specialy if its a 20 bit one, you gotta make the most of your available bit rate to get the depth that these cards are more than capable of achieving.

    Happy mixing...

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