Echo Layla 3g Layla3g - experiences so far?

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  1. Have had the Layla3g for a bit over 2 weeks so far and I am curious as to what experiences others have had. I use Win2k w/ a P4 1.7m 512m ASUS mb system w/ SiS. I have had some mysterious problems w/ an output pair not outputting or whole system not outputting requiring reboot but all in all I am sassyfied. Anyone else having any Windows/PC problems w/ the new Layla3G? (like there couldn't possibly be any problems w/ Win systems...)

    Plus - what is the general concensus of Traktion?

    I'm still learning it and although alot of functions are easy as He** some others are frustrating as I have been a Cool Edit user for a few yrs.
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    Try upgrading the OS. I did'nt have too much luck with WIN2000 Pro, especially trying to get the drivers set for my audio interface. So I dissed that for a while until I got my hands on a version of WINXP Pro. All of my problems were solved, almost instantly. I have not had any issues using the current version of windows and greatly commend microsoft for finally getting it right. All I can say is... IT'S VERY STABLE.
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