echolayla g3 sample rate trouble

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  1. i just purchased an echo layla g3 and when y play any mp3 sounds really slow like a vinyl in slow motion. i checked the sample rate and it doesnt sound ok until i drop de sample rate to 3200. but that trick doesnt work for my recording software "nuendo" version 1.5.3. all my recordings previous to the layla (done in a Echo Mia) where done at 48000 sample rate but it happens the same slo motion vinyl effect that i mentionend before. if i change de rate to any above 48000 in the layla console it sounds like the chipmunks but if i set it from 48000 under it sounds slo mo. its seems as if it was impossible to set it right. i alrready have remove and reseat the card the cable between the pci card and the unit. and tried a lot of stuff without any results. if there is any advice i could aprecciate it. my cpu has a pentium 4 2.0 ghz with 512 in ram. an pentium motherboard. thanks
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    Dec 22, 2004
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    Best to unlock the sample rate if you are playing MP3 files. The playback program should set it right. What are you playing the files back in? (I use the AudioFire8 and Mona, but suspect the G3 is similar.)

    By the way, the guys at Echo are great at responding to tech questions on email.


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