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  1. is it very hard to find one of these tape echos anymore? also what would be a good spring/tube reverb, or any stereo effect processes that are tube?

    ive been looking at a pcm 81, of the lexicons that are easier to obtain which would you prefer? and what would be very near comparable to the excellence of lexicon? ive been looking at tc electronic m-one, d-two and m3000 and the yamaha spx90II. also eventide h3000. aso you can see so much, which of these would you prefer and how would you compare them to each other in sonic quality and
    attainability? or are there any i haven't listed that are great

    also what about the drawmer ds201 gate, and the empirical labs el8x i know how popular they are. what are some other popular outboards devices like those two that are popular?
  2. Scoobie

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    Sep 6, 2006
    Hello liquidstudio............

    I have the lexicon PCM80 , the older version of the 81. It's a great effects processor. It has tons of use's, but i run it through my effets loop on my customized guitar amp for playing live.

    I can't help you any on the other ones you are asking about. But i read once the Jimi Hendricks used a echoplex with his JCM 900 Marshall.

    I have a fender spring reverb unit that looks like a guitar head. It's from the early 60's i think. It was my fathers along with his twead fender bassman amp. It gets used all the time in my studio for that killer clean sound.

  3. thats tight thanks but i find it impossible that jimi would have used a jcm 900 :wink:
  4. Scoobie

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    Sep 6, 2006
    Just something that i've read somewhere...........
    Hell, i was only about 10 years old when jimie was kicking.

  5. DIGIT

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    I have couple of Watkins Copycat units (a vintage one and a modern version. Both are all-tube designs).

    I like the sound and they are very flexible in terms of different effects, etc...

    Don't use them very often but, when I do they provide a sound that can't be found anywhere else.
  6. DIGIT

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    You can order one here:
  7. whoa thats awesome. how much do they generally run? do you know which tubes are implemented in it? how noisy is the unit? and what length tape is that?
  8. BobRogers

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Blacksburg, VA
    I'd start reading rockabilly boards if you are looking for info about Echoplex units. However, the question, "how noisy is it" is a bad sign. if you have to ask, you don't really want one. :wink:
  9. well that copicat looks nice and the newer ones aren't as noisy anymore. but what about a fulltone, how would it rank in tape echos?
  10. zacanger

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    the fulltone TTE is pretty awesome, but pricey: around $1000 for a box. myself, i just use a danelectro fab tone pedal :lol: . im cheap like that.

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