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  1. am curious to talk with r-4 users about many things, but most pressing is on the topic of its hard drive maintenance...

    is there a danger in running a HD defrag from 3rd party software such as diskeeper?

    the options for HD upkeep seem too limited or unstable on the unit itself:

    'format' is a complete erase, 'scan' seems a last resort utility to see if the drive is alive or not,

    'check' looks closest to a defrag utility, but with the warning that 'there is no guarantee that this command will restore the internal hard disk to a normal operating state.'

    anyone with issues or experience related to this?

  2. answer from edirol

    just in case anyone is interested, here is the response from edirol...


    Rather than employ a third party defragmentation scheme, it's best to simply copy over your files to a computer, then format the R-4's internal drive using the Format function in HDD Utility.

    Best Regards,
    Edirol Corporation
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