Edirol R4 in classical recordings: anyone experienced it?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by oak, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. oak

    oak Guest

    Hello, anyone have experienced the new Edirol R4 in classical recordings ? Is it usable without or perhaps with stand alone mic pres ?
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Oak
  2. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    Hi Oak
    While I haven't used this particular recorder, I've used other Edirol stuff. I'm assuming here that there are similarities in converters etc. in their current line-up.

    My experience of the brand has been surprisingly good sound quality for the price, especially at higher sampling rates, but the quality of switches and pots has not been good. I don't know about this unit, but I would not be inclined to treat my Edirol equipment roughly.

    The pres in the other Edirol stuff are not bad at all, although they are not very quiet -but in real life, this isn't really a problem.

    If the sound quality of this box is acceptable at all, the convenience will make up for a lot.

    It's a pity it's not possible to use ADAT inputs, or some other way to record four channels without using the native converters.

  3. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    BTW I'm assuming that coaxial digital in is stereo. You might like to check whether it has defeatable copy protection in case you want to use a mini disc or DAT for digital input. Some Edirol units don't allow you to defeat copy protection, which can be a pain when you wish to transfer from other formats.
  4. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    Very quick notes on the run.

    I got the opportunity to briefly test one for a magazine review. And to cut it very short I am seriously thinking about buying one myself.

    The analog ins are probably not world best but they have plenty enough gain for usage in with SDC onlocation for classical work and quite low noise level. I got a quite usable recording from the box and 4 omnis (2xkm183 and 2xSP C4 in omni). I have not tested with ribbons though. The meters are not very best either, rather small and no peak hold. But they do the job.

    The digital ins though are only stereo and are resampled, so I think I will stay off them. If digital stereo in is what you are looking for I guess a low-price laptop + M-Audio transit is a better bet.

    It automatically cuts recordings into 2Gbyte sections without losing samples, it seems reasonably sturdy and transfer to PC through USB is reasonably fast (it shows up as a removable disc).

    The only major gripe I had with the box is how it handles external power. It can run on internal batteries (2 hours plus recording from rechargeable nimh) or from external power. But it cannot switch source on the run. It stops and you have to restart it. Can spell lost recordings if you ask me.

  5. oak

    oak Guest

    Dear Misters,thank you very much for your answers, you gave me details that I was looking for in order to change my portable dat recorder.
    I think that, for a classical on location recording, this recorder is a very nice option, for example, a main pair and two spots mics or ambience mics.

    I can suppose, after reading what you replied, that the R-4 mated with a very good stand alone preamplifier like a Millennia HV3 -it is what I suppose to do-will give me more than acceptable recordings.
    Well used, of course.

    Could you, Gunnar, give us the link to your review ?

    Thanks again. Oak
  6. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    I will put up a link in due time. It is not up on the net yet, and when it is, the language will be Swedish.


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