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    I've been having a problem with the chorus/ Hook of my songs.......Usually I will take the hook/chorus of the song....copy it, and then paste it to another part of the song. I usually do this for the all the hooks/chorus's throughout the song. My problem is that I place them by ear and sometimes each hook/chorus will be different.........I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this......... is there an input setting that I should access prior to recording (I use Sonar 3)
    I've tried lining each clip with the same measure but the timing is sometimes different.........any thoughts
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    Make sure you set the tempo before you start recording audio. Then the audio should align with your beats and measures grid, and you can cut on beat one of the measure. also record to the metronome so you can maintain a constant tempo.

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    Can you say click track?

    You can also try playing around with the stretch algorithm for each and every insert?

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