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    I have a few rack units (digital delay, digital reverb etc) that I wanted to use as a effects with my studio. I dont have the gear right now, but I am going to be getting a presonus fp10 interface, and I already have cubase sx3.

    I wanted to know how to make an effects loop with this interface and software so I can basically just use the rack units as individual effects on the channels. Hopefully something that would act similar to the VST effects built into cubase (where you can load it onto individual tracks). The reason being is that when I load up a bunch of VST effects onto my tracks my processor usage spikes and I get awful lag (and I have a really nice processor!).

    Also, Ive heard that outsourcing effects will sound more realistic. Is this true?
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    Jun 26, 2007

    >FP10 with compressor and EQ Hook Up Diagram

    >FP10, Eureka and Central Station Hook Up Diagram
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