Effects unit for live dub set...space echo????

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Bhennies, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Bhennies

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    Hey all,

    well, I'm starting to get experimental with my DJ sets, basically been dubbing out out acappelas, SFX and whatnot over instrumentals...

    I'm looking for a VERY tweakable and inexpensive delay / effects unit that can be interfaced with my turntables and mixer. I was thinking of getting a boss dd5 delay (i've used one with guitar- like the unit), I already have an octaver and flanger and will be borrowing a moogerfooger.

    An analog (or analog-like delay might be cool)...any units out there I should check out?

    ALSO, how should I hook up this gear? I'm using 2 pioneer CDJ's, one technics 1200 (vinyl) all going in to a vestax 06 pro mixer. I was thinking of hooking up the units post-main outs, but then the effects will overwhelm the entire mix...I'd rather have them confined to a singe turntable at once and if possible...I'd like to be able to switch which turntable is "effected" (haha).

    Anyway, thanx in advance.
  2. elektro80

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    I have an alternative suggestion. Why not get a Nord Modular ( the NM1 not the G2 ) and use the box as an effects unit. This is a modular synth with external audio inputs. The NM1 has some delay but not anything wild, however you can set up extremely interesting patches that no ordinary budget delay unit can match. The synth itself is interesting too.


    The NM1 is discontinued and you can get it fully expanded on eBay for 350-500 USD.
    You can set it up for noodles ( those are selfplaying patches )to and you can even mix and scratch to the direct synth output. Be warned that this one is a modular synth and it takes time to learn to use it well. There are no "great presets made by top acts" etc etc., but there are several online sources for patches and there are some great user forums too.

    Hmm... one issue though.. you will have to use a PC/MAC to set up the patches. You program the patches using a software editor on a computer connected to the NM1 by MIDI.
  3. Bhennies

    Bhennies Guest

    thanks..that thing looks cool but is a bit more complex than what I'm looking for.

    After looking around today...thinking of picking up an old space echo, line 6 DL4 or something of that nature.

    I checked out the DL4 today...seemed pretty cool...but I can't compare it against a space echo to see if it holds up. Anyone using this thing?

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