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    This is a fairly new processor - released in early 2015 - and developed by Fabrice Gabriel, who has done quite a bit of modeling for Slate Technologies, (although this particular one isn't a Slate Product) this EQ is interesting, both in the way it's designed, and in the way that it reacts - which is user determined by the "types" of EQ'ing you want to do.

    On the surface, it appears to be much like any other quality parametric EQ... sleek graphics, easy to understand basic EQ controls... but once you start digging into it, you can find that there are some very nice options and controls to choose from as well.

    There are choices for completely Neutral adjustment, as well as character-defining controls, too.

    You can make this EQ respond with complete transparency - or, you can add different types of character to it - either globally, or to just certain bands/frequencies, if you prefer. It supports both L/R and M-S processing.
    It can also be used in mono, for individual tracks - like vocals, kick, bass guitar, acoustic, etc.

    I know that the term "musical" to describe EQ's has been somewhat overused in the past few years, but in this case, I found it to really be that.

    I was able to EQ certain things - yet, they didn't "sound" as though they had been EQ'd, even though the adjustments I made were audible.
    This EQ also responds very nicely and very precisely - I was able to discern even the smallest of adjustments.
    Shelving, Peak/BandPass/ HPF / LPF are all there for sculpting, from as low as 5 Hz, all the way up to 30k.

    I've had it for about 3 days now, and personally speaking, I can say that I'm impressed by what I've found and heard with it thus far.

    The last time I was this impressed by a parametric EQ, it was was from Fabfilter. This one, IMO, is right up there with it.

    I'd say that - if you were looking at a hi-quality EQ plug - that you might want to give this one a try... fully functioning 20 day trials are available for download. Formats include, well, from what I can tell, all of the popular ones; AAX, VST 2 & 3, etc., available in both 32 or x64 OS. It's not cheap, though, at least not in terms of what most "common" plugs run, the price for the Eiosis AIR-EQ is $149.


    PS.. I did end up having to watch a few youtube vids to get into the features that really make this EQ cool, though. I'd suggest that if you do end up DL'ing the demo, that you might want to do the same. There are several from Gabriel himslef, along with a few reviews from users who aren't connected to Eiosis.

    From Eiosis:

    From an average user:

    FWIW :)

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