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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chuckdog, May 13, 2005.

  1. chuckdog

    chuckdog Guest

    Currently in contact by email with client in zimbabwe. Looks suspicious to me, but playing along till i can get the money orders and have them checked out. see email correspondence below. latest to first.

    Good to hear from you, i will be sending you usps money order for $5,000, i will be needing your help, you have your money out of the $5,000 and help me send the rest out the money to my guiterist in the UK.
    I can do bank transfer to his account but due to the lack of good facilities in africa, i will take so long to clear and this might will definately delay my project, it takes 4 to 5 weeks to clear.
    I hope i can count on you for this? i look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so i can send this out as soon as possible.
    Best Regards

    I will be staying in hotel, i have everything arranged

    Chuck ladouceur <> wrote:
    Abraham, I have put you in for the five days you requested. The total
    cost will be $1,800.00 plus the cost of reference cd's and materials
    ($50 - $100) if you could send me $500 that would be great. I would
    still like to hear some of your music. Even if its a rough mix or
    recording. Do you have any mp3's you could email to me? or a cd you
    could send to me so I can get an idea of your style and sound. Also, I
    still need to know if you have any beats already created or will we be
    making them here? One more question, how did you hear about Red Dog
    Studio? Look forward to working with you. Will you be staying in the
    immediate area while your here? or with family? My address is:

    Red Dog Studio
    Chuck Ladouceur
    9 Elmwood st.
    Blackstone, MA 01504 USA

    Chuck Ladouceur
    Red Dog Studio
    A Full Service Production Facility
    On May 11, 2005, at 5:37 AM, abraham kingston wrote:

    > Hello
    > I will like to book to book the studio for 26th of may to 30th of may,
    > i will like to work 40hours for the five days, let me have the total
    > cost for 40hours, so i can make a deposit payment to hold the studio.
    > I will like to know if you accept USPS money order as a meams of
    > payment, if you do let me know so i can send you a deposit payment for
    > the studio booking.
    > Kindly get back to me with the name and address to send the money
    > orders to as soon as i hear from you.
    > I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    > Best Regards
    >> Abraham, Thanks for contacting Red dog Studio. The Studio rate is $45
    >> per hour. I'ld like to know a few more details. Do you have the beats
    >> ready and on cd? Or are you looking to create them here? When you say
    >> 5
    >> days, are we looking at 8 hour days or shorter? Would it be days or
    >> evenings? I'm available the end of may and into june or july. This
    >> changes on a daily basis so it would good to coordinate your schedule
    >> as soon as we can. Have you heard any of our work? I can send you a
    >> demo cd sampler of other similar artists. I would just need your
    >> address, or I can email some short sample mp3's of recent artists. Do
    >> you have any samples of your style you could send to me? a short mp3
    >> maybe? Also, how did you hear about Red Dog Studio? Talk to you soon.
    >> Chuck Ladouceur
    >> Red Dog Studio
    >> A Full Service Production Facility
    >> On May 9, 2005, at 8:46 AM, abraham kingston wrote:
    >> > Hello
    >> > I am into rap/r&b and i want to work on my five tracks out of my 12
    >> > track album, i will like to record this five tracks in your studio
    >> and
    >> > i am coming to USA from Zimbabwe.
    >> > I will like to know how much five day recording and mastering in
    >> your
    >> > studio will cost so i can make a deposit, i will also like to know
    >> the
    >> > available dates.
    >> > Kindly get back to me as soon as possible, so we can move ahead into
    >> > production.
    >> > Best Regards
  2. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Distinguished Member

    Dec 12, 2001
    Oberlin, OH
    Home Page:
    I get these all the time - they are a scam so I never reply. They want to book time in my studio and want to know "how much" then they will send me a money order for the amount to seal the deal. I have a couple of problems with this. One how did they hear about us? Two why would someone from Africa want to travel with their band all the way to Ohio to do some recording/mastering when their have to be really good studios much closer and much cheaper for them to visit. Three in your case want you to transfer money. Why would they trust you without knowing you?

    I went to look at this site and I assume that they are the same type of crooks that are working on the scam with you. You might also want to go to this page and see what else is being done with emails to perfect strangers.

    I think you are about to be scammed or worse lose some serious money. I would stop where you are and have nothing more to do with this proposal. MTCW

  3. chuckdog

    chuckdog Guest

    email scam

    Tom, thanks for the reply, I am waiting to see if thhis guy actually sends the money orders. I have no intention on cashing them but would like to help officials track him down if possible, if they do arrive they are going to the post office personel. In fact I mentioned it to the postal employee at the counetr yesterday and she said its getting extremely common. One guy came in with 10,000 of money orders to cash. BY viewing his emails in RAW form you can see ithe ip addresses of where they come from. His is in the the UK, London. not that this helps at all, but it kind of a challenge to see if I can help stop this person. My interest in posting this was to make other studios aware of the problem.
  4. Joe Crawford

    Joe Crawford Active Member

    Jul 11, 2002
    Shanks, West Virginia
    Chuckdog - You can go ahead and play them out if you want to, but be careful. It's the standard "Nigerian Scam" (at least that's what the FBI refers to it as). They will (sometimes) even go so far as to send a counterfit bank draft or money order to you in hopes that you will payout some cash before it bounces.

    I played them for a couple of months last year on an RV I had up for sale. They even offered to send a "broker" by to bring the money order and pick up the RV. I had the Fuzz on standby to pick him up, but they finally just stopped communicating.

    Joe Crawford
    Stony Mountain Studio
    Shanks, WV 26761
  5. chuckdog

    chuckdog Guest

    usps money order scam

    Joe, I received $4900.00 in money orders and brought them to the post office supervisor, they we're fake, he took them and said he would be in touch, havent heard from the "client" in over a week, he's supposed to be coming in thursday. Sent him an email his morning telling him I didnt receive any money yet so I was booking another band. we'll see how he responds, probably wont. Thanks for your reply
  6. Joe Crawford

    Joe Crawford Active Member

    Jul 11, 2002
    Shanks, West Virginia
    Chuckdog - If he actually sent good money then he's either for real, or it's a funny way to get a few thousand into the UK (money laundering, some kind of export restrictions, etc.). Good Luck...

  7. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    This is pretty much the exact scam that managed to lose my naive friend $4700 and a digital camera he had for sale.

    Watch out for graduates of this school, heh heh:
  8. chuckdog

    chuckdog Guest


    heres the latest email:

    Abraham, have not received deposit or heard from
    you. please respond as
    I am going to book this weekend with another band if
    I dont hear from
    you. asap
    Chuck Ladouceur
    Red Dog Studio
    A Full Service Production Facility

    I am so sorry for not getting back to you on time, i
    will prefer to work 15th to 19th of june, right now i
    am having some musical concerts which i will be making
    money from it.
    I am so sorry we have to shift the recording to 15th
    to 19th of june but i will make the deposit of
    Let me know as soon as you receive the money order
    worth of $5000, so you can have the deposit of of the
    funds after it clears your bank.
    I look forward for to hearing from you as soon as
    Best Regards
  9. Joe Crawford

    Joe Crawford Active Member

    Jul 11, 2002
    Shanks, West Virginia
    Chuckdog - Sorry, but the first time I read you previous post I thought you said they were NOT fake.... got that corrected now.... Did the postal supervisor say what his next step was, I'm curious if they really care? The FBI actually has a group assigned specifically to this type of thing (internet fraud). You might even give them a call at the local office if you get time. If the perp has any way of tracking whether you received the money orders you can probably expect them to drop off pretty quick now. By the way, the guy that tried this on my RV ad was named Famsey Brooks and was supposidly located in London.

  10. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    Dude, seriously. Don't hold any date for this guy. Don't even bother communicating with him unless you are just having fun with him. It will not pan out. Although it is awesome to have an ATM receipt for -$4,000.00 as a souvenier after your bank decides to take away the $5,000.00 balance you saw in your account a couple days ago....
  11. chuckdog

    chuckdog Guest

    Funny thing about the Usps money orders I received, they were from A guy in Ohio.....I have the name and address he put on the money orders! Still haven't heard from the post office people that were supposed to get back to me.
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