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    TDEmpirical Labs created the DocDerr 500 Series channel strip module to give your signal impressive punch in any mix - and to put you in complete control. The DocDerr includes a low-noise preamp that gives you up to 16dB of gain, and that's just the beginning. In addition to a 3-band parametric EQ (with selectable highpass filter), you get an onboard tape-emulation circuit, compression, and a Mix knob. This knob lets you blend the uncompressed signal with the saturated, compressed signal. You also get a handy "Bad!" hard-clip indicator on the DocDerr.TD

    BEmpirical Labs DocDerr 500 Series Channel Strip Module at a Glance:B

    *Low noise, high tweakability
    *Mix knob
    *Empirical Labs quality, in a super-compact format
    BLow noise, high tweakabilityB
    Modern recording setups require no-compromise outboard components. That's why Empirical Labs made the DocDerr to give you incredibly low-noise performance. You also get an astonishingly great set of tools in this module, including a preamp that gives both line- and instrument-level signals up to 16dB of gain. Onboard EQ controls include a highpass filter and three bands of parametric EQ. You won't believe what a difference the DocDerr makes on your projects!

    BMix knobB
    Onboard compression and a tape-emulation circuit (which softens high-frequency spikes and clips) add a lot to the DocDerr's functionality and character. But, Empirical Labs didn't stop there! The DocDerr's Mix knob lets you blend the compressed, saturated signal with the EQ's uncompressed signal, for an outstanding level of control over your sound. You get the best of both worlds, and you can blend them!

    BEmpirical Labs quality, in a super-compact formatB
    You already know how reliable and consistently great sounding Empirical Labs creations are. The DocDerr is no exception! This 500 Series module is made from the best components out there, and it's built to last. You'll love everything about this module, from the feel of the knobs to the control layout to the well-placed meters. It's another home run for Empirical Labs!

    BEmpirical Labs DocDerr 500 Series Channel Strip Module Features:B

    *Amazingly low-noise lineinstrument preamp
    *Highpass filter with selectable frequencies
    *Incredibly tweakable 3-band parametric EQ
    *Empirical Labs compression, for incredible performance and great character
    *Mix knob allows for parallel compression

    The Empirical Labs DocDerr puts huge channel strip performance into a very handy 500 Series format!

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