emu card frustration.

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by thekage, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Here goes it..

    I am new to the recording scene and I am wishing to setup a basic little studio in the basement of my new home.

    Here is my list of eqipment thus far.

    Amd XP 2500+
    512 Megs of Ram
    1 80 Gig 7200
    2 30 Gig 7200
    52x CDRW
    SoundBlaster Live 24bit Card
    Emu 0404

    Behringer MX 802A

    Behringer Pro Com mx1400 that I use mainly for live shows but can use it for recording also.

    a Variety of mics, stands, and cables.

    I also have Cubasis SX, Cool Edit Pro, and Cakewalk Sonor 4 Producer Edition.

    My reason for this post... is suggestions. I am frustrated right now with the software that came with the emu card. Its difficult to undstand this software and how it works.

    Right now I have the control room outs on the mixer connected to the 1/4 l/r in on the card. I can see it peak but I cannot get it to record and I cannot hear it on my PC speakers playing through my soundblaster.

    I have read the manual that came with the Emu and it jsut confuses me further. I am technical in nature and my job requires me to be so. But this is confusing and frustrating.. Any suggestons please?
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    Read the .pdf manual that is installed on your hard disk. Make sure you read about PatchMix DSP and the tutorials seection. Look in Start- Programs - Creative Professional - PatchMix DSP - 0404 Maunal.

    PatchMix DSP is the virtual mixer and patchbay that is at the driver level. It is what sets the sample rate, signal routing, DSP effects and must be set up as well as configured correctly to pass signal to programs and applications. With over 50K units sold, it isn't too hard for many users and most users seem to appreciate the power and flexability PatchMix offers. But I do agree that it is way over the head of most of the people who are buying 0404 soiund cards

    First off, the E-MU sound card is meant to be used all by it's self. It may or may not work with other sound cards. One thing is well known and that is that the E-MU must be installed first and working then a second sound card may be installed.

    Second, with a sound card as good as the E-MU is, why would you even bother connecting anyting the soundblaster.

    Third, if you are using the bundles Cubasis as the recording program, you have cubasis set up correctly. Inputrs active, Mixer channels routed to the correct input, inputs must be enabled and record ready. Cubase is a little different but must also be set up correctly and pointing to the EDSP driver,

    Pretty basic and simple stuff once you know and understand what you need to do. You can't blame the sound card because you don't have the recording program set up correctly.

    If you want real simple plug and play and just go, then stick with soundcrapper I mean blaster.
    You don't say exactly what your problem is?Ask specific questions and get specific answers.
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