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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiokid, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Always makes me chuckle seeing endorses of plug-ins sitting at big analog consoles smiling.
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    yea that stuff is a bunch of bullocks. I wasn't impressed (wasn't blown away) w/ the 40 hours i spent w/ the CLA bundle. And what's w/ people like eddie kramer who profess the merits of analog in books and mags, but doesnt put his name on an analog device? Sure, i get it, state of the art, money and all that, but i'd be much more likely to purchase an 'eddie kramer' clasp type thing than a pluggin.
    Oh, the irony :)

    I mean it's cool to have some new algorithms and in that way this stuff is cool, but, to associate the 'sound of a hit producer/engineer', w/ a cd rom i can buy for $600 is tough. Even if the equipment was perfectly modeled, who knows how they'd set it, in whatever room?

    I don't discredit any of the guys good enough to have a signature pluggin in their daily art, i just veiw the endorsement as an aprovement of a software writing team. Maybe it's the 'best pluggin they could make' which is respectable, but really, the adds are just over the top. I'm weary of signature stuff, as a guitarist too.

    Bought a steve via (really) bad horsie 2 wah new, and hated it. i can't advocate try before you buy more than i do. can't hear it until you hear it, or play it.

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