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    Mar 1, 2008
    Nice forum
    I am new to this, so I may ask some stupid question. So I hope you are here to help me. :D

    I will describe my question as when I hear pro tracks, on a radio, on a CD, even on a record, I hear the unique 'enhanced sounding' of the tracks which I call it that. I sense a freshness of the sound, beside the loudness, the balanced EQing and such stuff. I am a bit confused how you can reach such freshness of the sound, is that some background noise on a very low level that flows through the mix, an overall reverb effect that simulates room effect, or this might be the very complex process of mixing, EQing and dynamizing together?

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    Delete the background noise idea, there's nothing like that;
    Add mics and mic placement (and gain structure) to that statement and you're cooking with gas!
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    As Bent said... Heres A good guide to reference on the subject:


    Luckily I had it on the clipboard from my last post!


    that's a fantastic link.

    I've found it VERY useful
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    Mar 1, 2008
    Hmmm... As I can see from the link casper showed me, it is really interesting indeed, a plenty of useful informations. Thank you! :)

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