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    Hy everyone.

    I just got an opportunity to buy an ENSONIQ DP4 but I´m not so sure about it. I know it was a great device in the past but is it still a good way to go or is it an obsolete piece of museum ? Any recomendations you have I´ll be deeply thankful.
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    Dec 31, 2003
    It's a whole rack in one box. If you're on a budget and hardware based, it's a great thing. I had one for several years. The learning curve is pretty steep.......it looks deceptively simple with so few knobs, but it's easy to get lost in the beginning. It may not be competitive with the newest, shinyest units or plugins, but you can still get some good stuff out of it. Going price these days should be $250-300.
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    Jon isn't lying about the learning curve. Make sure that the manual is included, otherwise you'll have a tough time of it.

    I got a DP/Pro, and searched forever before I found a .pdf that wasn't in German, and then paid to have all 350+ pages printed out and bound. When I got the deck for $230, another 11 to print and bind a manual was well worth it.

    Good luck, and don't buy from Canada unless you're willing to pay another $45+ in customs/freight that isn't added in the normal shipping costs. (Voice of experience talking here)

    Good luck with it, I love mine...and I still have lots to learn.

    Brad Venable
    Voice For Hire, LLC
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    Apr 6, 2005
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    The DP/4 and DP/4+ are wicked sweet! The DP Pro is just different. I have an ASR-10 which has the DP FX engine and a DP/4. This is an awesome combination that can make sound that no other gear out there can. The reverb in the DP series engines rivals Lexicon units like the PCM-70. There are so many cool FX and so many ways to route them. The interface is pretty easy to understand with a little help ;-) I love the sound my Korg Mono/Poly makes through it.

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