EQ for guitar amp? need 5K boost

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by LuK3_C, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. LuK3_C

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    I did some experiments with numetal guitar sound but couldn't get the right one. I'd like to get Slipknot (Iowa album) or Korn (Untouchables album). Think that Mesa Dual Rectifier or Engl Powerball are good amps for this, but the problem is that the sound that I need has much more boost around 5-6KHz, about 15 dB more than sound I can get. Eq on this guitar track sounds like crap so I think that Eq between guitar preamp and power amp could be the way. Do you know about some guitar parametric EQ? Maybe the problem could be that I haven't Vintage box now, my box is Marshall 4 x 12 with some Celstion G bla???bla repros. What do you think? I did so many experiments with mic placement and I get good sounds but not the sound that I want. Many thanx for your help

  2. mcasci2

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    dont "fret" (no pun intended) over the eq before, just try adjusting during mixdown
  3. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    Check out the Furman PQ-3 or PQ-6. I bought one used, hoping I could use it in my outboard rack, but the output impedance is designed to use with guitar & bass amps. They were out of production for several years but started making them again . It sounds great with my vintage Trace Elliot bass rig.

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