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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by adamfrick, Feb 6, 2002.

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    hi guys.

    i'm approaching the final stages of compiling and mixing the dialog for our next film here, and wanted some advice on the best protools plugs (or other gear for that matter) to work on the dialog. this is animation, so things were recorded in a studio, so everything is relatively free of noise, and levels are pretty even. but, there were dozens of different sessions for pickups and everything else, so i'm anticipating lots of aggrivating little nuanced differences in level and tonal quality.

    on some really old dialog i just fixed up for another show, i had good success on the EQ side with filterbank - i don't have it here at the office so i don't know if too well, but it was much smoother in cutting wierd mid things and boosting the highs for that nice clear presence.

    so, should i go with filterbank, or should i go ahead and make the jump to oxford? other plugs i'm missing? i've got waves, which i've never been unhappy with, but for the more forensic work, filterbank blew q10 and ren6 pretty much away...

    ok i'll stop talking now.

    opinions, please! :)


  2. In terms of quality of results nothing can touch the Sony Oxford Eq. I got mine with the GML 8200 emulation option and I don't regret 1 cent spent on that plug-in.

    That piece of software almost singlehandedly puts PT in the "pro" category of audio equipment. :D :w:
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    Feb 10, 2001
    What he said!
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