Equipment for NPR type interviews???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kenwri, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. kenwri

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    I know absolutley nothing about recording, but I would like to start interviewing family members to begin an oral history project. I would like a microphone and recording device that would give nice sound like I hear on NPR interviews.
    I guess I would like the recording device to be digital, since I think I'll use Premiere or Final Cut to edit--but I welcome suggestions on that, too.
    I would also hope the microphone would be good for capturing ambient sound. Do I need two different types of microphones--one for interviews, and one for ambient?
    Last thing--I am on very small budget, so cost is a big consideration. I would apprecaite any advice.
  2. vividsonics

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    For an interview mic on the cheap it's hard to go wrong with the EV 635A. It's been used for broadcast for a bazillion years. It's also omni directional which might help you with your ambient micing. It goes for about $100 USD
  3. kenwri

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    Budget gear

    Thank you!
  4. alexaudio

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    Apr 28, 2005
    Ken - I concur about the EV 635A. It is common for NPR reports to utilize a microphone such as the EV and record the interview utilizing either a portable DAT machine, Minidisc recorder and or Flash Disc Recorder. Flash Disc recorders are the latest and greatest and thus cost a bit more but an economical solution might be available from IRiver. I just purchased the Marantz 670 for a news reporter 2 weeks ago...good unit, but not a beginner unit - has many bells and whistles and costs over $700 and near a grand with accessories. Minidisc recorders are a lot less expensive. You might want to try and look for a used digital recorder on Ebay (minidisc for now) to get your feet wet. Good luck.
  5. kenwri

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    Thanks, Alex!

    Thanks, Alex!
  6. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    Do you like Ira Glass's "This American Life" on NPR? They claim to use Audio-Technica shotgun mics and record to Sony minidisc. The shotgun is best in an environment where you DON"T want the "room sound" or ambience playing into things. The EV 635a is great if you want to pick up everything around you. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't....
  7. kenwri

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    Yes, I love it. It's really inspiring work. Thanks for the added advice. It would be nice to have the options.
  8. slowjett

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    Man I LOVE NPR. I really do, I want to submit some of my music..

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