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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Trumpet_mike, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Trumpet_mike

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    Ok so im the leader of our 5 pc jazz combo. Trumpet, alto sax, Bass, Paino, and drums.

    The trumpet is being recorded with a shure beta 98 h/c, the sax with a beta 57a, the drums with a pair of CO2 Overheads, the bass is DI and the piano we do later with the CO2 mics upstairs with the grand piano.

    As of now I'm recording with a yamaha 16/4 mixer into a tascam DP-01. Problem is, when recording im also playing so i cant be adjusting levels.
    So this brings me the the point that i need to upgrade to a digital interface i was thinking a presonus firepod. and getting some type of computer. So my question is:

    1.What type of computer should i get to record 10 tracks at the same time. Preferably laptop.
    2.Mic upgrades, i need a cheap bass drum mic, and are cheap(nady) ribbons any good on trumpet
    3. Head Phones, is the anyway I can have wireless head phones with one single base station to send out the signal.
    4. Just in general what could i do better if i had say $1300 with what i have now
  2. rockinrocker

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    so the total budget is $1300?

    1. do you care what platform? i've heard lots of bad things about windows laptops unless they're made specifically for audio.
    if you're cool with a mac, one of the later model g4s would handle 10 tracks, and wouldn't break the bank. you'd also need some sort of external hard drive, probably fire wire which can easily be daisy chained with a firepod.

    2. what do you mean by cheap? you can get a good one for <$200 or so. AKG D112, Shure 52, Sennheiser e 602 are all good options.

    3. don't know
  3. Trumpet_mike

    Trumpet_mike Guest

    I was kinda thinkin a mac but i would plan on using adobe audition as i already have access to a copy
  4. VonRocK

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    Sep 3, 2006
    Calgary, Alberta Canada
    I would not invest money in such old technology. My friend is running an upgraded G4 and although he claims it works for him, he is limited in what he can do. He has to minimizing his recording software when recording to avoid hiccups. He also really has a hard time mixing and using effects and plug ins.

    How about a mac mini, display, keyboard and mouse, around 900 bucks (get the apple keyboard and mighty mouse, and a cheap LCD elsewhere). You will be able to record 8 tracks at once without an external drive, but will be able to add one when you get more cash to invest. Go to, and look at the bottom right of the apple store. Every tuesday they offer update some decent deals on refurbished products. It comes with the latest and greatest OS X, and garageband to get you up and running right away. Add a presonus FP10 (only 8 pre amps), and a hundred bucks on a Sure SM58.

    I'm afraid that your budget is a little low for a new computer (especially a laptop), 10 inputs, a new bass drum mic AND a wireless headphone solution. If you upped your budget just a bit, I think you would be happier in the long run.

    I'm not sure how you are going to adjust levels while playing with any system? Just set your levels before hand. Have everyone do a quick run through of the loudest parts and make your adjustments.

    ***EDIT*** you updated your post before i finished typing mine. You don't want to go with a mac. Fair enough. Good luck. I sure hope that's not a stolen copy of audition that you "have access to" :D
  5. Trumpet_mike

    Trumpet_mike Guest

    i think im gonna go with the mac mini as i do have an old display and a keyboard/mouse. I was just curious about the headphones thing, and yeah i may boost my budget a bit once i start giving private lessons on the weekend/ my band starts playing good paying gigs.
    And it turns out my sax player just found a SM57 in his garage with all of his fathers old stuff....

    And being the cheapo person i am... if im gonna buy a kick mic is there anyway i could make it an AT 3050 so i could use it for other things as well or is that no good on kick...
  6. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    If you want a decent kick mic that will do other purposes, look for an Audio-Technica ATM25 on e-Bay. These are no longer made, they've been replaced by the ATM250, or the PRO25ax. There's an ATM25 on e-Bay right now sitting at $50. They typically sell used for less than $100.00.
    I use the ATM25 ( I have 6) for kick, toms, and BRASS, mainly for live Latino and jazz bands. They are awesome and well worth the price. Grab one, you'll love it.
    I wouldn't jump on the Nady ribbon for trumpet. It's not like an AEA or a Royer. I bought an Apex (same Chinese manufacturer as the Nady) and was very disappointed with it on brass. Too "tubby" and a bit "honky" for that, IMHO. It makes a decent guitar amp cab mic, and on some vocals it was OK. But not much else.

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