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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by iBrando89, Nov 28, 2008.

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    im not sure if this is the right spot for me to be posting this, if not mods please help me and move it? or tell me were to repost. anyway.

    i have a m audio mobile pre usb interface, mac powerbook with protools mpowered and a mxl 990 and 991. now i was wondering if i could record decent enough stuff with all this, if i new what i was doing, cause i dont have the money at the moment to buy new stuff. my plan was to make it sound as good as possible for rough draft stuff then to go into the studio. for drums i program them with reason 4.

    my guitar and amp are a shecter tempest custom, and a line 6 spider. i can get ahold of a joe satriani peavey, but not for a week or two.

    the stuff i try and record now sounds really bad like distortion wise. i cant get it to sound good at all. i tried DI wich sounds even more horrible, and mic'd wich sounds ok through the head set, like playing live, but when i play back the recording it sounds totally different and bad.

    I can get the drums to sound great, cause of course there in reason.

    any help is very appreciated

    the music i make is around
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    The Equipment you have is ok. You just need to practice with it and learn to use it properly.

    If you are having distortion issues (and it's not an equipment problem like your moble pre being shot) the first thing you need to check are your levels. Are you recording everything really loud? Try recording some non-distortion guitar or just your voice talking. Play that back. Does that sound completely different than what it sounded like when you recorded it? Remember check your input and output levels in PT.

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