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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by spigots, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. spigots

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    Ever gotten this? I've got a Roark Data Scsi box with 2 drives (Seagate 9.1 gigs). I've started getting this randomly, usually on the 2nd drive. If i'm playing back a fairly high track count, the drive locks up. It freezes the whole rig. I can't even Blue Z to see what's happening.
    I have to power down and restart from the ground up (all scsi devices as well) to get things going again.

    Anybody got any hints? Fairlight Support said, "yes, we're aware of error 175, we just don't know what it is." A lotta help those guys are.

  2. stedel

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    Is that all they said? Couldn't they point to it being a problem with 3rd party drives? A busing bottleneck in I/O ports? Their system or the others? How often have they become aware of error 175? A total shutdown...hmm large track count with audio samples going in...

    Apparently DIGI's new HD system has improved their system - could it be related to DSP bus time slots?

    Kind regards
  3. spigots

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    they have said it is some sort of hardware error.
    Of course now I'm having problems duplicating the problem consistantly.
  4. stedel

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    Well I guess we file this under "Bummer"! At least with Fairlight automatically saving what you do do, your not loosing work you've done....are you?
    That would be "BUMMER"!

    Which system are you using? A hardware problem...did you try thumping it? A short sharp smack? (Works with my old ColorSync monitor!!!!).

    Kind regards
  5. spigots

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    Hey Stedel. Thanks for taking an interest.

    We set aside 4 hours today to mess with it. I took the same exact file that would lock the system up on tuesday, and today it played FINE!

    At the end of the day tueday I ran a back-up and when I came in on wednesday, the backup had failed due to error 175.

    Today I backed up it up, sat here and watched it to see if a particular file was screwing it up. It backed up FINE!

    So, I'm going to format the drive tommorrow and see what happens. I also found 2 identical drives
    (Older scsi 1 seagates they stopped making) online for $70US each brand new, So I ordered those just in case it is a failing drive.

    A question for Mark - I've never reformatted a drive. Is there anything I need to be aware of?
    I started working on this thing with no training, and still fly by the seat of my pants most times. I'm NOT a computer guy. So, if you would share some of your expertise on regular system maintenence, that would be most appreciated.

    Have a great day. It's my Birthday and I'm off for a nice meal and maybe

  6. Henchman

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    Oct 22, 2001
    Are you running the latest version? If not, update. I know that over time they have upgraded the disk format utility. I would suggest having a copy of the system on another drive. Format the system drive, install the new software, abd then format you're session drives.

    If you've never formatted your drives, then there's a chance that you have bad sectors, that formatting should map out. So, i wouldn't be surprised if that is the problem. Since you mentioned that it seems to be the same drive that fails.

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