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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by slaves666, Feb 18, 2003.

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    Every few boots, I get 1 of 2 errors. The first is the VNETBIOS.vxd BSD. The other is the NTKERN BSD. Both halt the booting process, i have to reboot in safe mode then restart. I run Win98se and have an Asus P4B 266, 512 Ram, 40gig, 60 gig maxtor drives, Firewire card and 80 gig EZquest drive, Yamaha F1 burner and liteon 52x cd drive, KDS rad5 LCD monitor and Matrox 450 dualhead. I have a US 428 and a Midiman Oxygen8 keyboard.

    If anyone has had these errors please help me get rid of them. Otherwise my system is stable and fast enough for my needs.
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    vnetbios.vxd is part of the networking system, so to fix that file you should be able to just reinstall TCP/IP. To do this, go to the control panel, then networking, and highlight and remove TCP/IP, then reboot. When the computer comes back up, go back in to the networking properties, click 'add' -> 'protocol' -> 'Microsoft' -> 'TCP/IP'. Once this is loaded, it will ask you to install some stuff (be sure to install these files!) and reboot.

    I'm not sure about getting the ntkern file back, so you may have to manually extract it from your CD (I belive it's in If you don't know how to extract files using the extract command, you could just reinstall windows over your current installation. Doing so should keep all of your stuff in tact, but I would definitely back your stuff up before doing so! :c:
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    Thanks a lot for the pointers. I'll try immediately. BTW I just got a new Focusrite trackmaster and a Studio Projects B1.....sounds great for under 750$ canadian

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