eurorack 1204fx pro 4 separate channels?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by mikehaze, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. mikehaze

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    i have a 1204 fx pro and everyth9ing ive seen on it says i can use it with 4 separate channels using the alt 3-4 buttons but every signal coming into the mics shows up in cubase on all the channels. everything is set right except on the mixer and ive tried every combination i can think of but nothing solves my problem. basically if anyone knows where im messing up i would greatly appreciate some direction

    thank you :)
  2. GeckoMusic

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    That's the Behringer 1204 FX PRO? Personally I think that is a fine board to get started with. However, despite the name "FX PRO" Behringer is hardly profesional.

    What do you have for a sound interface?

    It looks like you have one pre-fader send, one post, and the LR bus, no inserts. You could use the headphone out of your computer directly to your headphones. Then the aux 1, left and right channels to three channels on your sound interface. I don't think there is a way to squeeze four separate recording channels out of there.

  3. mikehaze

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    im using the m-audio delta 44. 4 ins 4 outs. i guess im miss reading the manual because it says that i could record 4 tracks simultaneously.
    thats the manual, ive had this mixer for awhile and i swear ive done it before but honestly it was so long ago.
    im just waiting for presounus to send back my firepod. so if there isnt really a way then i guess oh well.
  4. GeckoMusic

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    Presounus, that is good gear to have. I used to have a Behringer 1204 and there were instructions in the manual for changing the post fader aux to to a pre fade send. You had to cut a trace on the PCB and make a little solder bridge. If you could do that then four channels would be possible. Or you could record from aux 1, aux 2, left, and right. Pan the aux 2 post fader send to the left. Record your audio. Invert the aux two channel, and mix it back in with the left channel (you may have to play with the level) to subtract out the post fade send. Of course with the phase inversion you aren't really going to take out everything you want to, and probably add in some noise, but if you really need four channels, I guess you could do it.
  5. mikehaze

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    yeah im just gonna wait to get the presounus back.
    thanks guys

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