(Everybody) How did u solve the "New Studio" promo

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by checkmate, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. checkmate

    checkmate Active Member

    Jan 13, 2005
    Hows everyting all? Im at that point wit my studio that I have built up a decant studio. Have gotten a slight name on the streets. How have yall promoted yall studiosand solved the "new studio" dilemma? I did 3 mixtapes basically for free for 3 different artists. Then a mixtape for my studio featuring me and my boyz rapping, gave it away for free with the studio name and contact. I received a sligh buzz, couple customers from that. I have also went on loacal radio promoting the studio dropping joints (produced by my studio).

    i kno this is a stage we all must go through at sumtime or another. How did u guys get your name out?

    My equipment iz:
    Digi 002, M Box, ART pre amp, Micro Krog, Yamaha Motif ES, Samson 65a Monitors, PC, waves Diamond bundle plugins and more....
    Im charging a miny me price of $50 a mixtape track (they bring a beat)
    And $100 for a original produced track by us. Beat for $100 and basically wave mix and edit.

    am i kicking myself in the *ss? Or just being trapped in desperation by this new studio, new name problem?

    Everybody put in some input as this is a very improtant topic for us all.

    Kmnite (K-Man-Ite)
    Nite Vizion Productions
  2. 187

    187 Guest

    Well Im of no help cause Im still building mine.But we are/will be in the same boat 4 I am buliding a "hip hop studio"...I don't know where your from but I think it has to do with your enviroment like how many rappers/artists are actually in your city?then its a question of how many and which ones are good than ultimately how many are actually serious about this ish.There mabey alot of rappers and there always talking about how hot they are but when it comes time to invest in themselves ie putting together a demo and paying $$$.They don't because A .they don't take it seriously and/or B.There cheap.It's hard to find talented individuals that want to invest in themselves and there career,So basicly it's just a matter of contacting the guys with the mindstate of "I will succeed,no matter the cost or how long it will take" but unfortunately there's way more "yo,I got skillz,I wanna get this shyt off the ground"...oh 4 real wanna buy a beat?.....(silence).....Studio time?.....(crickets)...lol serious man dudes are in for a rude awakining thinkin platinum plaques are gonna fall into there lap outta no where know one's willing to work to get ahead and that leaves aspiring studios,producers like ours/us with no sence of purpose...it sucks but thats all there is to it.good luck I know we're gonna need it.
  3. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Hi, I have run a small project studio for about 15 years and my best promo has been word of mouth from happy clients. The other thing I can offer is don't value your services to cheap. This can drive away more serious clients who are used to paying for quality. When I started out I priced to cheap and it attracted a lot of bands that really weren't ready to record an album, but had the money. I got really busy, but when the equipment wore out, I had not made enough to replace it (the adat years!). Raising the price seemed to bring out more of the serious musicians, the type who are in it for the long run and know how to promote themselves. And some radio or club play, even just locally, can make your studio a very busy place.
    Another thing I try to do is go out often and talk to the bands/artists where they play. Drop cards, demo reels, if you find a great act, do it for free and try to make it back on album sales (become a record label/producer).
    Good luck all..
  4. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    While word of mouth is definitely the best advertising, but it does help to be in the yellow pages under 'recording studios' The people who look for studio there are usually ready to go, and many are clients that you would not ordinarely get, like schools, college students, classical musicians etc. There is a whole world out there outside of rockandroll, and if you studio is to survive you should tap into it.
  5. checkmate

    checkmate Active Member

    Jan 13, 2005
    Thankx for the input

    I get what ur saying, i get that same ish. They want everything to fall in thier lap, There are many rappers and singers around here. They all are serious...so they say..but when time comes to pay up and really get serious, they front. I think i am going to raise prices as i just received my digi 002 and new pre amp, and was charing 40 before with tha MBox. There are many wayz to promote, plenty time to wait on good biznizz. But i thank yall for the input as this is one of the major topics that we all go through. There should be a lot more critical topics like this around. Thankx a lot guys, and good luck. My hotmail iz thegodgrandson@hotmail.com and my AIM iz caymaniterapgod . Whoever wants to up there studio links a nuther notch, add me. Im looking for as much connects as i can get. Holla!

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