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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Terabyte, Dec 7, 2005.

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    I just wonder if anybody would be willing to post a link or send me a sample of a recorded guitar track they've done (without any mixing on it.. just the raw sample) so I can see what the first capture sounds like before it's mixed..

    I'm trying to do some home recording.. and want to get an idea of what people class as a "good capture" before they mix down.
    We all know what a guitar sounds like in a pro final mix down... We all know what a crappy one sounds like.. But i've never heard one solo track of a miked guitar before it's mixed down.. or at least.. I would be interested to see what raw captures you guys get before mixing down.

    I would prefer if the sample was of a heavy genre.. Metal... Rock ... interested in distorted sounds not accoustic.
    If they can show the extract in it's "glory" in the awesome sounding final mix down that would be really cool, gives a chance to compare the two.. Even better if you said what you've done to it.

    Anyone brave enough? :lol:

    Much appreciated. Please+Thanks.

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