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    I have six mics on drums in PTLE. I use the expander/gate plugin on each track except the two cond overheads to narrow down just the snare or kick or toms, ect. First, off is that what most of you pro's do to get that separation? And if I created a aux track with that plugin and sent the tracks to that aux ,would i be able to adjust the plugin for each track just as if was a insert on each track. That make sense?
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    The way you describe you're using the gates is the typical method most people use who like gates. It's unlikely you'll get much success with one gate in an aux. First you'll need to mute the channels you're sending to the aux channels (after all they won't be gated). I'm not saying it won't work because it might if you fiddle with it, but typically gates and compressors are used in series not parallel (in an aux).
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    Rightous. Thanks for the reply. I'm in a rush tribute band and i just mixed a couple songs and it sound great. :D
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    Hi, i'm not a pro, but would like to recomend trying to not use gates on drums. With maybe a bit more work it might sound much more natural. Experimenting with isolating mics, putting a blanket on the kick to block some cymbal and choke can help too. :)

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