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    Hi Friends,
    I am a newcomer to this group. I would really be grateful to you if you can give me a suggestion for my problem. I may not be very correct in the use of music jargon. Please excuse if I am wrong. And correct me.

    I am living in India in the city called Chennai. I am a software
    professional. I do not have any knowledge of playing the keyboard but am a good singer and also compose music (without the help of any instrument). So, I have some knowledge about music. But to further enhance my knowledge and assist in composing new tunes, I understand that keyboard will really help me. Also, I have to play the keyboard in my church. I am confident that I will play the keyboard soon. I am starting the classes by next month.
    Also, I have composed more than 25 songs ( that is, without music) and I want to release my own gospel album. So, it will be great if I can handle all the recording stuff in my house itself. I already have a computer at home.
    At this juncture, I went to a nearby music store and asked for guidance.
    The salesman said that I have to buy the following:
    1. Keystation 61es keyboard
    2. Audiophile 2496 sound card
    3. REASON 2.5 software.

    He said that when I learn to play the keyboard, I can also learn to
    work with the software and after 2 years cut my own album. It seems
    very ideal for me. But as said already, I am new and need the best advice before going for this.

    Now, my questions are:

    1. Is the salesman correct in what he said?
    2. Is it too early for me to buy software or such a keyboard?
    3. The salesman says that only keystation 61es is best compatible for MIDI. Other keyboards (like Yamaha PSR 450) will not transmit or receive MIDI properly. Is that true?
    4. What is MIDI thru?
    5. What is your suggestion for sound card?
    6. Should I invest in software at all now? or just concentrate on
    learning the keyboard now?
    7. Is Reason 2.5 the only good software available?
    8. How long will it take me approx to learn to program my music using
    the software in a computer?
    9. Is there a keyboard which is both MIDI compatible (I mean maximum level compatibility) and has its own sounds so that I can play them without the use of music software (like playing the keyboard in the church) ?
    10. Please provide names of software that will record both vocals and the instruments? ( or do I need to buy two separate softwares for recording instruments and recording voice?)

    My budget is Indian Rs. 30,000. That is $ US 800. I can buy keyboards only in India or ask my friends to bring it from Singapore or Thailand. I heard that it is a bit cheap there.

    I hope you are now clear as to what I need. Your advice in really
    important for me to take a decision. Thanks a lot for helping me.
    Awaiting your advice.

    You can either post your replies here or can reply to me at

    With best regards,
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    Dec 23, 2004
    I would take small steps at first.

    Number 1, Get a keyboard and learn how to play it. When you are able to play songs and sing them then you can start thinking about recording. Record your stuff to something cheap like a minidisc player, or microcassette recorder. After you are sure you are gonna stick with this, then start stepping up in gear. If not, you haven't invested too much.

    I don't know much about midi or keyboards, so I can't point you in the right direction, but start with a keyboard (maybe with midi?) and lessons, skip the software. Research more and then you'll know more of what you need. After you are in a situation where you know what you are playing/recording you can make some longer term plans.

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