Expert sugguestions on an advanced guitar recording setup

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Jp22, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. buttachunk

    buttachunk Guest


    That quote is from the 'Right Stuff' ? Great movie !

    Don't see your avatar anymore...
    Well, I commend you putting up with as much as you did.
    Several people here were immediately confrontational to me as well,,, like they were in some kind of rush to start a fight.

    Would like to add that you treated my posts with more attention than the other posters here, which means alot--- shows who was actually paying attention.

    Take care.
  2. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader Guest

    OK so Jp22 is a homophobic racist then. Should have assumed that by his inability to comprehend anything other than himself.

    And Jp, you are constantly accusing other people of having big egos. In my experience the only people who tend to do this are the ones with the ego problems.
  3. Bosskitty

    Bosskitty Guest

    Wow=ova 70,000...Hi Mum!! :D
  4. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader Guest

    Tell me your mum's not reading this after what I just posted! :shock:
  5. Stoner

    Stoner Guest

    Hi all.
    I've been lurking here for the past couple of weeks and thoroughly enjoying this thread, laughing so hard sometimes my stomach hurt. :lol:

    But, finally I just had to have a say.
    JP, for all your audio ignorance and arrogance of not wishing to take the advise that you asked for because you already know stuff that disproves scientists through the ages, you've been an infuriatingly enjoyable comical read.

    But this newly revealed aspect to your character - racist and homophobic - just makes me wanna pull your tiny pea-brain through your asshole and wrap it around the remains of your infantile head.
    I now know you're nothing more than a troll and will probably stop watching this thread, although I hope it doesn't actually get nuked just for the fact that it's a good indication of how not to behave.

    I've actually been thinking for several pages that if you spoke to people in RL the way you do on here, I'm surprised that a) you haven't managed to get yourself killed and b) at the very least you're still walking. Or should that be wanking? :lol:
    Now you've shown your true colours to the world (and I do mean world), how can you expect to be taken seriously?

    You're a jerk of the highest calibre and are so wrapped up in your own ego that you just can't grasp the concept that the entire world is laughing at you - now a large percentage are seeing you as a totally sad piece of $*^t.
  6. Jp22

    Jp22 Guest

    Nah, how about ²cm=E
  7. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader Guest

    Still angry at your parents JP?
  8. GuyJohnson

    GuyJohnson Active Member

    Oct 7, 2005
    Home Page:
    He only wants the thread nuked so he doesn't have to keep up the effort of being wrong!

    As to the argument about analog EQ's noise-floor, it looks to me that both are right, and looking at different things: One being the noise in a signal being processed, and the other, the noise-floor of of the equipment being used.

  9. GuyJohnson

    GuyJohnson Active Member

    Oct 7, 2005
    Home Page:
    I've just been sad enough to save the whole thing for posteritude.

  10. gambit

    gambit Active Member

    Dec 14, 2000
    Bristol, UK
    Home Page:
    Bye JP... nice *not* knowing you.

  11. ...Alot can happen when you go home, then come back...

    Just to calm the storm, he means Brains Faggots...

    in reply to your reply (keeping the record straight)

    You use tools to actually go in and see how much memory each dll is using? I do, but then I'm a developer, and such things are very useful to me. Your host may tell you the CPU usage per plug, but actual memory management is another matter. I could write a 5 line program for you which will take up less than 1k (code and data), but throw your CPU into orbit. A delay can hardly show on your CPU meter, but try to allocate memory chunks the size of China . To reiterate, CPU usage and Memory usage are separate entities, which often do cross paths, but are still separate. The compressors of which you speak may have a memory leak (which is common), and if this is the case you may experience problems..

    OK, thought about it. So have several thousand others, and they all seem pleased. I'm one of the BetaBugs developers, and whilst we use cartoon graphics, we take the DSP very seriously. BetaBugs is a joke name - these are a lighthearted aside to enliven ones dull studio day :) wrt to 'may damage your PC', well it's called a disclaimer, and pretty much every EULA has one (you do read them don't you - I guess you've agreed to M$ altering your OS without any further notice by using MediaPlayer v8 and beyond (it's in the EULA) :lol: ) Downloading anything is always a risk, no matter the source. We guarantee as far as we can that our plugs will be fine, but if your configuration is from Mars, we won't be held liable for something not working as planned. QED.

    My Grandma doesn't play, tbh, since she is terminally ill with cancer and lying in a bed in hospital; but you weren't to know that. An 'analog' version of Scrabble(tm) will be far less restrictive as to what you can play. It may well be that the 'digital' v8.1.1 won't allow 'EQ' since it is an abbreviation, and std rules are not keen on that. But a light hearted, nay, jocular game with the odd glass of port amongst friends (with a pre-agreed set of bends to the rules, and a wise choice of dictionary) will surely allow for such things :)

  12. Bebop88

    Bebop88 Guest

    I say kick JP off this board. He's provided hilariously stubborn, deliberately provacative advocacy for ridiculous, unfounded theories at times, and it's been very entertaining. But when the racism and homophobia emerges, that's when I lose all fondness for the guy. Propogation of those ideas is totally unacceptable and utterly offensive. On top of that, I am by no means a prude, and the language in terms of swearing that has been used by JP AND by many others does not offend me in the slightest. But yes, as Dark suddenly realised, ANYONE can read this board. My 80 year old Mother has an interest in what I do, has the link for RO.ORG Children who may have ambitions to be recording musicians when they are older may be reading this stuff. What kind of impression does it give to people who were under the illusion that musicians are creative, intelligent people, who are able to express themselves through music, without needing to resort to such language? That includes Davedog and his attempt to curry favour among members by posting a stream of swear words to try to show how he is 'one of the guys'.
  13. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    JP, you have shown what you are all about. It is people like you that make this world a more hateful place. Sadly, you probably learned this attitude from you parents. In the cold light of truth, you should see yourself for what you are. Your ‘raison d'etre’ has been, to date, to stir the pot, which you have done quite well; however, you have used the wrong eq to trim the volume, sir.

    Are you the kind of person that thinks African descendants have nothing to offer? I pity your ignorance. I would love to be a fly on the wall where you were the only person in a room. How would you handle this, I wonder. “Not well” is the resounding answer time and again. Perhaps there is hope for you, but I doubt it.

    People like you think the rest of the world sees everything your way, so you assume no one would take offense at your insult. You and your ilk, sir, are a pox on mankind.
  14. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    Your homophobia is as obscene as your racism.

    Have a great day, JP. You deserve it. You are everything good. Not. You are a fifteen-year old punk living in the shadow of your daddy. I am sure he and mommy are proud of you.
  15. Ciderman

    Ciderman Guest

    JP - Thanks for giving me such entertainment. I must have gotten through half my months supply of Asthma inhaler drugs because I was laughing SO much !

    I have to say that half way through this thread I was thinking that this whole thing was a PR stunt by the people who run this site to get more members but it appears to be one of thoes rare gems that turn up once in a blue moon.

    Thanks for the laughs JP !

    I wouldn't have thought to visit this site if it wasn't for this thread

    ( the homophobic comments are just an obvious ploy to get this embarrising thread deleted and forgotten - shame )

  16. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004

    No doubt. Can't a mod just "clean up" his posts or something instead of wiping out the thread? I know it sucks policing, but this thread is almost worth it...
  17. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2003
    I'll get word to Davedog and get this cleaned up as best as possible.
    I think we've been OT for the last 10 pages or so anyway.

    Peace to all, welcome to RO all newcomers, thanks vets and mods for all their input.
    This can't continue in its current state.
  18. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    JP ...Its a shame you find anger to be the only medicine you'll take. Up until this latest lashing out, I felt you had a right to make your statements in peace within the community. My warning to you was about something unrelated to the subject at hand and as you seem to want to embellish us all with your spite I have no choice. I dont care a single bit what you say about me as I'm very comfortable in my own skin. But you seem all out of sorts. Besides, at this point you've become a struggling liability to yourself. Before you were quaint and somewhat entertaining, but now having been exposed as the self-righteous bigot you are its time to end the fun.

    Sorry kids.
  19. Jaxon13

    Jaxon13 Active Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    Madcity, WI
    Oh, crap, my gut hurts from laughing so hard...!
  20. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2003
    just when i thought i was out

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