Export wavs from Cubase on windows not in time on logic mac

Discussion in 'Computing' started by jp607, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Yesterday we recorded drums at a studio. The drums were recorded onto a windows PC running Cubase SX3. These tracks were then exported onto a DVD (each separate track into a wav). When we imported these wavs into Logic Pro on a MacBook running Leopard they go out of time.

    For example, we recorded a song which has a tempo of 130bpm (which was recorded with a click and perfectly in time)

    When imported into Logic Pro the BPM counter is reading 115 but then goes in and out of time, as much as 3bpm either side. Changing the tempo at the bottom also seems to have no effect.

    Any ideas on how to get these drums tracks back in time again on Logic?

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