Exporting to quicktime on Protools le

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  1. so I've done the mix, all the music and have told the DOP that I'll have the latest copy real soon. Then I bounce to Quicktime and everything works. I open the new movie in Quicktime and the Audio doesn't match the video (not in sync). The audio was in sync in the mix. I don't understand whats going on here.

    We used a Canon GL2 camera on the shoot, which has a standard frame rate of 29.97fps (i'm pretty sure). The session is 24 bit 48Khz. Am I to bounce to 44.1 or keep it at 48? I'm using the latest version of protools LE on the latest version of OS X. Please help me!

    Mark Doyle:p

    iMac 2.0GHZ Intell Core Duo 1GB Memory

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