External audio drive setup problems

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Simes, Dec 25, 2002.

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    I purchased a laptop recently and an external drive enclosure for my 80 gig
    Seagate 3.5" drive to store my audio. I've spent the afternoon aimlessly trying to get XP to
    detect the thing to no avail. The enclosure is a Skymaster DEM-1351 and
    I've hooked up my HDD and powered the unit up and the disk spins up fine.
    Secondly, I've hooked up the firewire cable from the unit (6pin) to my
    Laptop (4pin), rebooted countless times, tried powering up the laptop
    first - enclosure second - cable third, and every combination of each and XP
    simply won't detect the unit. It does not appear in either "My Computer" or
    under "Disk Management", and I'm about all out of ideas at this point and
    looking for some help.

    Specs on my system:

    P4 2.0ghz
    SIS 650 chipset
    256 DDRAm
    VIA OCHI Compliant 1394 Host Controller (unsure on exact model - this is
    merely the XP device listing)

    Very appreciative if someone can offer some insight.


  2. Simes

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    ....to answer my own question (and for the reference of others)...

    the pesky problem was an incorrect jumper setting (cable slave instead of master). The instructions with the drive enclosure do not make any references to what jumper setting was required. A kind soul on a newsgroup passed on this great piece of news to me.



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