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    Hi! I just got a new Hardware compressor and I have couple questions on how to get it into the External FX Send & Return.

    I have a Presonus Firepod and they say in the manual that I have to connect the Preamp Output jack, balanced
    or unbalanced to the input of the external processor. Then connect the FirePod’s Line Input jack to the output
    of the external processor but is there anyway to have External FX without using my firepod preamp inputs cause I find it a bit useless to have my preamps connected with the inserts FX and always have to unplug when I want to record.
    Is a patchbay is want I need?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Boswell

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    Your question isn't very clear.

    If you want to record the raw (dry) microphone channel and also the compressed (wet) signal, make up a TRS balanced Y-cable. Plug one jack into the FP pre-amp output (send), another into the line input (return) of the same channel and the third jack (or XLR) into your compressor. Connect the compressor output into the line input of another FP channel.

    If what you want to do is apply external compression during mixdown, use one of the FP analog outs instead of the send output.

    Until you clarify how you want to work, it's hard to say whether a patchbay would help you.
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    You could also refer to this diagram.

    I should have also looked closer at the specs. I didn't realize there was a preamp out and Line input for the channel. Essentially and insert path which I believe Boswell already pointed out. :roll: :lol:

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