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Discussion in 'Computing' started by SeanG, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Hi. it seems one can never ask enough questions :)

    I finally bought my laptop (about 3 weeks ago) and have been experimenting with Cubase. now it's time for me to buy my pre-amp and the external, however 7200RPM external's seem to only start at 500GB here in South Africa (far too much space for me + a hefty price tag to go with it). I am looking more in the range of 80GB, however these harddrives (all SATA) seem to only be available in 4200RPM or 5200RPM models. If I go with the 5200RPM model I could save around R500 or more (say $90), although i do not know the cache memory settings on each or how this will affect the writing process...

    My question is, is it with the additional $90? Is a 5200RPM HDD good enough for home recording?
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    Honestly, I'd recommend getting a 7200RPM drive and even though 500GB may seem large, it gives you plenty of room and can last you for a long time.

    I can't back this next bit up with any experience or facts (I've only ever used 7200 or faster) but I would guess that since the drive is being used exclusively for audio a 5200 may be ok.

    Is it really $90 more for the faster hard drive of the same size? WOW!

    You could go the route of buying an external hard drive enclosure and then a separate hard drive...that might open up more options for you.
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    That seems suspect as. Are you talking street retail prices?

    What resolution are you going to record at?
    16bit 44k or higher?
    What exact model of extrernal hdd are you looking at?

    I'd go for the 500gig model.
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    Listen to everyone that says go 500gb. I had the option of buying an OWC Neptune 80gb for $90 or a 160gb for like $20 more. I failed to notice the 160gb option and now I'm really regretting not looking closer. The next drive I buy will be the 160gb or larger maybe. 80 runs out much quicker than you'd think at 48khz/24bit.

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