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Discussion in 'Computing' started by LAhiphopproducer, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Hi im looking for a good reliable fast external harddrive. I have USB on my computer rite now. I hear firewire is faster so i would need to just buy a firewire pci card rite, any good firewire harddrives out there? 180-300 Gigs.
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    hey for my 2 cents..i have this very tiny, daytek, 140 gig portable harddrive. i got it from a friend, and its the only one i have seen this size. at future shop, and other places like that, have all of these rather large, sized externals .....its a usb one, 2.0 and its fast and works fine, for recording, and or transfering files, or whatever....check it out on the web....DAYTEK

    its the size of a pack of smokes
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    The better audio-intended drives are going to cost more... You can get cheaper external drives like the one in my office for around $150 for 250+ gigs.
    Around here in the Seattle area, the PPA (Pacific Pro Audio) firewire drives are pretty much the standard in studios. There are many audio hardware companies like Glyph that produce professional drives.. I would go to sites like sweetwater and musiciansfriend and read reviews...
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    The main question is.... What are you using this drive for?

    Are you using it for back-up, recording or just data?
  5. data and recording.
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    I strongly recommend to keep data and audio on separate drives.

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