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Discussion in 'Computing' started by quietbear, Dec 27, 2005.

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    hello there,

    for ages my computer has only had 2 x 10gb internal hard drives, and i recently got an external (80gb maxtor) hard drive to back up - but it made my digi 001 pro tools system crash all the time, so i only switch it on to back stuff up.

    id really like to have a larger (80GB) drive permanently on to save all my PT audio to, would an internal drive work better even though both RPM speeds are 7200 for external/internal?

    are there any recommendations for a drive, or are they pretty much standard? btw, i run on PC (P3) using win98SE


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    Check out the DIGI site for FW drives that are compatable. I use Glyph & LaCie drives and never have a problem. Maxtor drives crash my system all of the time.
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    By the size of your hard drives I think you have a pretty old PC. If P3 is anywhere around 600Mhz and if you have 512Mb or more memory you should switch to Win XP. It's much more driver frendly to external equipment.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    If you have an available PCI slot, you can purchase and optional IDE controller card. This card will allow you to run huge drives that are limited by your current operating system. This card will set you back approximately $40. Also obtain a Symantec product called Ghost. This would allow you to " Ghost" your current operating system and all of your files from your 10 Gigabyte Drive to the 80 Gigabyte Drive allowing a greater amount of cache space. Then go out and buy yourself a 160 Gigabyte Drive or larger for recording your music onto. This way all of your drives will be inside your computer and should not have any problems with crashing. Also an upgrade to Windows XP Pro is really a good idea as the NTFS file system allows for far greater file sizes and more efficient DV video recording from Digital camcorders of musical events, etc.. If you don't have any PCI slots left, consider returning your FireWire external drive for a USB 2.0 external. If your computer does not have USB 2.0 that too may be inadequate? Slow is tough for any multitrack music projects.

    Remy Ann David
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    Make sure that your drive is at 7200 RPM also. I use a Western Digital that is 120 GB USB 2.0 that I got for 80 bucks and it worked out well i am gonna get a firewire drive. You may want to look at http://www.owcomputing.com/ they apparently make the best firewire drives you can get a case and pop in internal drives in so you can keep your cost down in the long run. I would upgrade both so that way you have a backup.

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