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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by kaplan, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I'm buying a computer for the first time. I know I'm getting monitors and SONAR software, but I also need a better soundcard. Since this is my first go round, I don't want to buy a bunch of things I don't need, or a bunch of things that aren't compatible. Any broad suggestions for soundcards or monitors.

    Do any of the major PC makers (Dell, Gateway, HP) provide good enough sound cards from the factory? If they don't, is it likely that they would install a better soundcard than the ones they have to offer before they ship the computer to me? LAST RESORT!! how do I know if the computer I am buying is compatible with the soundcard I want? THANKS
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    I know this sounds like kiddy stuff. This is probably not fun to answer since most of you seem to be experts, but I really need some good advice to get a basic PC studio started. I appreciate the stoop to my beginner level.
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    Kaplan, In order to answer your questions better we will need some more information from you. There are many sound cards out there to choose from and your needs will dictate which is best for you.

    1. How many tracks do you want to record at the same time?
    (drums take alot more than vocals and guitar)

    2. Do you have a mixer or other preamp you want to use.
    (if you don't have some sort of preamp you may want to get a card with a couple built in)

    To answer one of your questions, no Dell etc. does not install soundcards worthy of recording nor will they install one for you. You will have to do this yourself but it is very easy to do. Just follow the instructions and if you get stuck you know where to come for help.
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    I appreciate the help BIG D.

    I will be playing all the parts separately, and will most likely have 3 or 4 mics on drums. I have a ten input yamaha mixer I want to be able to hook up to my soundcard. I was looking at the ECHO MIA soundcard. If it saves you from looking it up:

    -24 bit/96kHz recording
    -MIDI in/out
    -24 bit coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O
    -2 balanced 1/4 in. analog inputs and outputs.

    I really need something that will allow me to use monitors and my mixer.


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