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    Mar 19, 2013
    Good evening Recording.Org

    I would love to make a little cover of this particular part of one of my favorite songs of all time. The part that I'd love to cover starts right at 3 minutes and 6 seconds & goes until the end:

    I can play and record the piano part & the vocals (without Autotune), but I need someone to do the electric guitars and drums.
    While I do play the guitars and have played drums in the past, I am not fluent enough for this guitar solo, and since I have a Perfectionist's personality like many others among us, I'd not like to share a recording that is not very "good". And drums? I don't have actual drums in my little studio set up.

    As a classically trained pianist, the keys part will be a piece of cake, and I've sung Faithfully plenty of times.
    In fact, I have recorded this song in the past with a few individuals, but I never received the recordings and don't talk to them anymore.

    (I am not worried about Bass and Synth at this point, but if someone is willing to join in for that I'd certainly not mind)

    If somebody is interested in working with me on this, I would be very thankful! The particular part that I'd love to record is extremely meaningful to me

    PS: Serious and skilled people only, thank you

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