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    Hello, I need help...I have been a multi instrumental musician for two decades but only recently started to venture into the personal studio realm.

    I don't know what is the best way to hook up all this gear ( mostly midi ) to use with Logic 8.

    I would really appreciate it someone would could provide a best plug-in set up for this gear when it comes to MIDI.

    I use a Mac Pro running Logic 8 with various plug ins from IK multimedia, Native INstruments, Izotope, PSP etc.

    here is the list of the gear with it's midi ins/out/thrus

    RME Fireface (main unit) midi in/ out

    Presonus Firepod (slave to Fireface) midi in/out

    KORE 2 midi in/ out

    PhatBoy midi in/out/thru

    Alesis Trigger IO midi out (connected to roland V drums)

    Emagic MT4 midi interface with 2 midi ins and 4 midi out's

    Maudio Axiom49 midi keyboard midi in/out

    (additional eq nord lead midi in out and studiologic sl161 midi in/out)

    None of the gear is connected right now since I don;t know how to approach getting this hooked up. I only have maudio axiom 49 connected to fire-face midi in/outs that i use as midi controller in logic.

  2. evilempire

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    I know very little about MIDI - and how it hooks up. But I am pretty sure if you wanted to hook up more than two items it would go:

    Item 1: MIDI OUT
    Item 2: MIDI IN - then, MIDI OUT

    then the last item would go:
    Item X: MIDI IN - then, MIDI THRU

    Please don't quote me on that - as I said, I have no experience with MIDI.

    but check out this website:




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    Jun 26, 2007
    Wait for it.
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