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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by kmetal, Jul 28, 2013.

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    hey all, just helping my cousin out w/ some new gear purshases, wondering what your favorite chain is for distorted electric guitar. mic is a 57. amps marshall 900, boogie triple rec, peavey 6505. Tonal tendencies range toward slash/van halen/joe walsh, w/ the occasional metal style tone. acoustic, and clean electric already sound decent.

    it's going into a digi 002 (new interface/converters on the way, and would love to see a 421 show up too!), so i'm really talking pre-eq-compressor right now. budget is about 5-6k if necessary.

    my suggestions so far are

    api lunchbox- 512c-neve designs eq- rack emprical labs distressor.


    a UA la-610.

    due to all the layering he does, and the various amps/DI, i think two full channel strips are necessary

    I haven't used any of this gear so i'm goin on peoples recommendations/reasearch of historical recordings/gear reputations, then will test it out w/ him and see what works. to me these seem like they'll be 'full sounding, colored, and fairly agressive' peices of kit.

    his goal is to 'smooth out' and otherwise 'digitalish' sounding guitar, something screwy going on in the upper mids, a bit bitey, and harsh. room and all other aspects being adressed, so don't worry bout that. My question is purely about signal patch on this one.

    thanks all! can't wait to here of the different favs!!!!!
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    I largely use a brown Princeton or ( Jule workingman ) a EV RE-15 into an A-Designs P-1 or EM-RED.
    The 500 format is what I would recommend and love myself!

    Almost endless options.
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    my 57 started to shine with my new ISA 2.
    Last session, I used a sm57(nearly touching the grill) and a akg c1000s (about a feet from the speaker), the results were very nice.
    I used the Hi-pass filters from the ISA and at mix time I did'nt have to EQ the tracks. A bit of compression and it was perfect (to me anyway ;)

    Would love to have a LA-610 !

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