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  1. Hey! Well i had a company come and Record for a INDIAN SOUNDTRACK at my home based studio. this was my 2nd big project. im 19 years of age, started up a nice little studio. and i would like to get feeback on my mixing / mastering skills. i will include a link to take a listen to my finished work.

    i did 5 songs for $275. i love music, and eatherway would be eather producing, engineering, or rapping.. so money was a nice addition.

    since this project i have been thinking about finishing my studio.. and promoting it and getting it up and more outside work! im trying to get steady work, but i am NOT A GO 2 SCHOOL TYPE OF PERSON. im hands on, self thought: graphic design, web design, engineering, production. i got 5000 flyers printed so i will put them all over local campuses and what knot. any try to make a steady income. i think i would do well because im just charging $20 a hr.

    so take a listen to the sampler. also, they did not bring down files from there production, it was already pre mixed stuff.. so i eq'ed it, cleaned it up best i could. on vocals i raised them over the beat because thats how they like it (alot of indian music is like this) and with alot of reverb to stand out. i think there was a BIG diffrence in the before and afters. i recorded, and edited in acid pro, and did some basic things in cooledit to make it sound better. bottom line, they liked there music, i liked the way it sounded. but what do you guys think?

    its already mixed, and they already have it, i would like others opinions, if they think its any good.
  2. I think you are off to a good start, you are capturing the vocals supurbly. I hear some things that simply take experience to "lock in" but it certainly sounds very masterable from this vantage point.

    I am not going to nitpik it to death. The next phase is another set of ears on it in fine detail, some level issues on certain instruments (minor) and off to mastering.

    I think you did well, especially for the price and your amount of experience.
    I have heard worse by people claiming to have much more experience. Watch those peaks...and remember, ballads do not have to hit as hard as a jam song. The flemenco guitar could have rode a shade higher in the mix.

    I listened on my auxilary system...which is a mono evaluation system with a single full range speaker. Later, I will listen on the big system and give you some more info.

    The mono system is a tool that gives "impressions" and is not considered anywhere near the final say. It it just convienient to check things with.

    From this quick listen, it sounds like you have a good handle on capturing and presentation.

    More later :)
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah im trying to update and expand my equitment.. right now.. vocals are recorded on the at4033, go into a small phonic mixer, and into my computer with a audiophile 192k soundcard, and playback and mixing was done on tannoys. mixing and mastering was done on basic software.. i think it sounds good. but could always improve. hopefully i can get more equitment in the future to give it a nice crisp sound.
  4. It is not necessarly the equipment (unless it is faulty)It is more about common sense and good engineering. You proved that it does not take a 10,000 dollar converter to get a decent production, however your monitors, ears and capture certainly helped you get big tone.

    I have been too busy to take this to the big system. I am "stuck" back here in editing for the rest of today..

    I have no clue how you have it panned since I only listened in mono so far. Panning is a huge deal with me..but at least...the mono seems to be working.
  5. TrilliumSound

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Montreal, Qc, CANADA
    Home Page:

    I listened to it 2-3 times also, here are my comments;

    First, it sounds pretty good to me in general :cool:

    I hear some distortion in the voice in a couple of passages and I think maybe it is caused during your transfert or conversion to mp3...maybe ? During some low freq passages as well. It is not clipping while it is happening, far from it but I hear some distortion.

    Overall, it sounds very good to me as I said. Everything is there, it is sober and clean :cool: . Stereo image could be a little more spreaded but that is my taste and since you ask for comments... :wink:

    Good work, specially with the type of gear used, I must say you are very talented.

    In overall, I would add 1 db bell curve around 4k, would bring some clarity and presence.

    All the best !

  6. Thanks, yeah for some reason the mixer started to Peak vocals.. and when they went to loud.. they sounded distorted.. i tryed 2 lower the overall track.. then amplify it.. still no luck.. ended up mixing it in best i could. but thanks for all the feedback!
  7. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    Probably the preamps in yer mixer don't have the headroom to handle your source at times. You might wanna look into getting a "gold channel" preamp for your next equipment purchase. If you want one with a limiter for a safety net, the Safesound P1 is real good. But I think the price went up from when I got mine. It was $500 and I think it might have gone up to $600.
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