Fiber Optic Circuits ?

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    Hello All You Guru's ,
    I need advise on what kind of Equipment is needed on each end to Use Fiber Optic Cables for Studio Circuits. I have some 144 Count Single Mode Fiber that I am going to terminate for a Friend that has a Studio. From Building To Building.
    Any Of You Have any Experience with SM Fiber in this application ?

    Thanks in Advance ,
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    You didn't say if you are doing audio and/or video analog or SDI so I will just make some general comments.

    1. Use yellow innerduct. Always yellow for SM, orange for MM.

    2. Grass Valley Wavelink is the gold standard that the world was built with, but it is something like 30 years old & parts are NOT available. I don't recommend using it even if you get the frames free.

    3. Artel is newer & nicer. It has the charm of an SDI/analog switch allowing either....but this is still old technology.

    4. New Verizon circuits around here use Nevion Ventura frames. 4RU Modular chassis and power - Nevion

    5. The TV networks here have standardized on Multidyne for fixed installations on Capitol Hill. Video and Audio Fiber Optic Transmission Systems - Multidyne This has worked well but their stuff isn't really designed for field use. Some have packaged the Multidyne boxes in more rugged cases with tactical connectors. Others are using the Telecast Sidewinders in the field.

    Almost all of my experience is with Wavelink so I am not that useful to you. I will say that I have not had trouble with the Multidyne equipment but I have only used it for a short time.

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