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    I recently won an auction which was a grab bag of misc. pieces of gear and I don't know what to do with these things. They are fiber Optic systems for Pro Audio. I have a few different models and they are all 2 channel boxes. Has anyone ever used these things or know what they are used for primarily?
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    Sep 5, 2000
    The following is taken from Sundance Systems Inc.'s website: Broadcast and Video Post-Production

    Links among multiple studios and mixing/editing suites

    Satellite uplinks/downlinks

    Remote broadcast for sports and special events
    Recording Studios

    Replace long cable runs from studio to console

    Multi-channel links among control rooms

    Direct-to-direct location recording
    Concert Sound Reinforcement

    Sonically pure digital links from stage to FOH console, console to amp racks
    Commercial Sound Installations

    Schools and universities


    Conventional facilities

    Houses of worship

    Stadiums and arenas

    Communication in harsh environments with high RFI/EMI emissions

    Correctional Facilities
    Film Production

    Sound stage and back lot recording

    Field location recording

    Units may be installed as stand-alone boxes, or up to 3 master or slave units may
    be mounted in one 19" rack panel using optional RMK rack mounting kit.

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